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Return to ‘Secret Beach’ on Ikei Island

Several weeks prior I described how we found this somewhat isolated beach on Ikei Island, a small island connected to Okinawa by a bridge. Now ┬áthat we knew where it was, several of the guys from Flightline and I we prepared and packed up our snorkeling gear. The last time I was here, it was late in the evening during the fading sunlight. We left early and it afforded us ample opportunity to explore the underwater landscape stretching out from the rocky beach. Past thick seaweed fields were 10 to 20 foot deep coral environments, brimming with fish. Stanley and Medlicott didn’t come out of the water for about 3 hours straight, they were so involved in trying to catch fish with their spearguns. Stanley actually caught several colorful fish, his first and only other catch was months ago. Russell laid on the beach the entire time and despite my warnings, put only tanning oil on his lighter skin. We all laughed when his thighs looked like a lobster the next day at work.


View of the beach once you make your way through the jungle path


Walking to a spot to drop our gear


Thick tropical growth that hides the beach


Clinger searches for unique shells, (note the extremely short tan Navy diver shorts)


Hermit Crab


Stanley cleaning and gutting his catch of the day


The vibrantly colored fish that met the wrong end of the speargun

Araha Beach

Just a few short miles north of Futenma is Araha beach. It’s convenient, but the swimming area is microscopic, due to roping it off for jellyfish. And Araha beach is even closer to another base, Camp Foster, so on some occasions it can be more than half Americans, which is OK unless you want to get away from that kind of thing on the weekends, like myself and most other guys from my shop. Also, with the swimming area so small and typically crowded with children, I wonder how many people are peeing in there?
I did try this amazing Thai green curry at a local beach restaurant/bar that was nearby.

Not exactly beach weather that day

Araha beach boardwalk

Sometimes I wish I could do that

Jones was very, very proud of his fanny pack

Some sun through the clouds

Torii Beach Cookout

As the only two shops that seem to have people interested in having any fun, Airframes and Flightline, with a few others included, got together and had a little barbecue party at the Army-owned Torii beach.
What’s not to love about burgers, volleyball, and beer, all within mere yards of the ocean and a short swim away from areas to snorkel at. The many sets of volleyball were of course complete with the usual shit-talking and minor sports injuries. The funniest part is when everyone starts to lose count of the points and I realize I hear the same score three times in a row after points were scored, or one team mysteriously loses or gains several.
The sky threatened rain for most of the day, but fortunately it cleared up somewhat to offer an unrestricted view of the rich sunset.

Miller Lite should really pay me for this

Demonstrating the Japanese pose for photos

Game on

Chad Jones down

Hensley, Clinger, and Burroughs taking midday naps

Going for the spike

Sunset water play



For once, I’m not the only one taking pictures