I have had some opportunities to sample the local cuisine, but have never really shared anything on that topic. While sharing much in common with Japanese food, Okinawa still has its own distinct food culture, influenced by not only its tropical island climate and location, but outside influences from other Asian countries, and even from the American presence that has been here since the Second World War.
Seafood is, of course, heavily represented in the Okinawan dishes. Even sushi that is just so-so here is twice as good as the good sushi in America. From the Hispanic Americans came the now classic Okinawan meal called “Taco Rice”. Essentially, just think of everything that goes into a taco shell, except put it on a bed of white rice. Try eating that with chopsticks, it’s not easy.
While I do not have pictures of the delicious sushi or the Mexican-Asian remix of taco rice, I have found a couple that I have taken over the preceding months:


A sort of BLT, but with fatty pork cut extra thick. I actually feel fatter just looking at it.


Stanley consuming the above sandwich, at Daisy’s Cafe at Araha Beach.


A meal of a whole cooked fish, before….


….and after.



Barnes eating what I think is Squid-on-a-stick.


And Wynn from the Cobra Flightline, eating regular American processed food.