Torii Beach Cookout

As the only two shops that seem to have people interested in having any fun, Airframes and Flightline, with a few others included, got together and had a little barbecue party at the Army-owned Torii beach.
What’s not to love about burgers, volleyball, and beer, all within mere yards of the ocean and a short swim away from areas to snorkel at. The many sets of volleyball were of course complete with the usual shit-talking and minor sports injuries. The funniest part is when everyone starts to lose count of the points and I realize I hear the same score three times in a row after points were scored, or one team mysteriously loses or gains several.
The sky threatened rain for most of the day, but fortunately it cleared up somewhat to offer an unrestricted view of the rich sunset.

Miller Lite should really pay me for this

Demonstrating the Japanese pose for photos

Game on

Chad Jones down

Hensley, Clinger, and Burroughs taking midday naps

Going for the spike

Sunset water play



For once, I’m not the only one taking pictures