Driving Around Aimlessly Leads Us to “Secret Beach”

Not having a destination in mind and my desire to explore led me to drive with Jones and Stanley onto some of the Okinawan islands that are located close enough to the main island that they are connected by a bridge. In contrast to most of our previous journeys, we traversed the eastern (Pacific) side of Okinawa instead of the western (East China Sea) half. One area we stopped at near the island-connecting bridge had this amazing feature where the water was only ankle deep for literally a mile out from shore. It was definitely different to be so far from shore and still standing with the ocean not even touching my thighs.

After navigating narrow, unknown roads, we came to the final tip of Ikei island and could go no further. Fortunately, we saw some parked cars and a few people mulling about in scuba gear; a beach had to be within walking distance. Past a sign that advised American service members to go no further, we happened upon a lightly used beach that was shallow out to 100 meters. In other words, perfect for snorkeling. We found no name for this spot, and due to the difficult nature of locating it and the secludedness, we proclaimed it “secret beach”.


Stopping near the bridges to the nearby islands


Shallow water stretched out as far as I could see



Crustacean remains


Stanley doing…. Stanley things


Visually impaired dog, Ikei Island


Colorful boat


Pathway through jungle to “secret beach”


Warning signs don’t turn me around, they encourage me to go further


Coral shelves, “secret beach”, Ikei Island