Independence Day

Like the rest of America, we celebrated the Fourth of July with beer, barbecue, the outdoors, and swimming. Once again we had the whole 15 person Flightline shop come together for this. Our little slice of America discovered Kadena Marina for the first time and loved it. Can you believe it, the Air Force base here actually owns the beach. Which is fine, all Americans and Okinawans can use it but the Marines never have any nice pieces of real estate, we get the scraps. Enough ranting on my part, I think everyone had a good time. Even got to jump off of the small rocky island that sits in the middle of the marina. Happy Birthday America.


Our setup


McClernon and Stanley high five


Spontaneous Volleyball game


Keep flexing Gunny….it still doesn’t make your gut go away


One of the only pictures where I’m actually on the other side of the lens


Nothing like sitting in the grass on a warm evening sipping on a beer




Two swimmers at dark