Okinawa at last

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and East China Sea lies the island of Okinawa. The tropical Japanese Isle is more than 400 miles from the southernmost part of mainland Japan. The similarity I gradually noticed here is that Okinawa is to Japan as Hawaii or Puerto Rico is to the U.S. These two islands — while definitely still America — have their own distinct flavor and island people’s culture. Okinawa admittedly is not as modern and flashy as the rest of Japan, it is kind of like the neglected stepchild despite the huge numbers of tourists from mainland Japan that are visible everywhere.
After 11 or so days, I finally arrived. The humid air assaulted me the moment I stepped off the C-5 into the open air. Flashbacks to Hawaii have been frequent with both the weather and scenery, though Okinawa definitely wins in a contest over which island is hotter. Within a minute or two, it is possible to go from bone dry clothing to completely soaked.
Now that I’ve caught up to when I first got here, I have a lot of work to do to fill in the gaps in the two months since.





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