The Odyssey

After 5 days we finally left Alaska, including one aborted flight the day before when we had to turn around in flight after 20 minutes. Our little group was more than ready to leave the area after so many days stuck in base lodging and hotel rooms in Anchorage. During our 2nd day here, the main body of our squadron det with 70 people came, spent less that a day here, and left. We enjoyed ourselves at many of Anchorage’s bars, and I left a record of our presence by slapping many an HMH-772 sticker around town, but I wanted to get to Okinawa.

Unfortunately, this was not to be the case. The Air Force C-5 still had lingering issues so the crew decided to fly south to Travis Air Force Base, California, to get better support.


F-22 flyby




Boarding the C-5



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